Video History Project

“Preserving the past for the future”


A Major focus for Brush Creek Mill has always been to preserve the history of Northeast Michigan.  Our relationship with the Hillman Area Historical Society has been beneficial to both organizations.  Historical Society member, Rose Creamer, has done extensive research into the backgrounds of local families.  With memorabilia and photographs provided by family members, she has arranged a number of interesting displays for the Mill.  Names from the 1800s, are often still prominent in our area today.

The video history project, gathering the memories  and personal stories of those who have lived their lies in Hillman, Atlanta, Lewiston, and surrounding areas, is bringing  the past to life.  These memories will someday serve as a source of information and entertainment for other family members and the community at large.

Interviews for the project began in 2009, and so far, 73 interviews have taken place with people from Hillman, Atlanta, Lewiston and Lachine.  The interviews last about an hour and a half on average.  People are often hesitant to start and interview, but are pleased with the end result and often return to add to the interview.  Those who offer interviews receive three DVD copies of the interview that can be shared with family members.

Grants received from the Education Foundation, Community Foundation,l and the Board of Brush Creek Mill have funded purchase of equipment that make the filming possible.

Presentations about the project can be done for groups.  Any group interested in a presentation, anyone interested in giving an interview, or anyone interested in helping with the video project, can contact Rose Creamer at 989-742-4700 or the Mill at 989-74-2527.

Open Hours

 Thursday-Saturday 12-4