What is Brush Creek Mill?

Brush Creek Mill is a Michigan Non-profit Corporation with Federal 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status.  Our facility is totally operated by volunteers.  The building is owned by the village of Hillman and leased to Brush Creek Mill (BCM) at no cost.  Terms of the lease require BCM to maintain the facility in good condition and keep it open to the public.

How did you get the funds to construct?

Northern Innovative Communties, a non-profit communtiy organization, was locally active and identified public interest to develop a communtiy- based facility on this riverside site.  Assisted by NIC, local citizens organized and applied for and recieved a grant from USDA of $90,000 to initiate the project.  This funding was followed by generous grants from the Village of Hillman, Hillman Township, Hillman Power Company, and Michigan Council of Arts.  Additionally, numerous donations from local businesses and residents, as well as significant labor and material, were pledged to the project.  During the next years. a value of over $400,000 was raised.  Initial site excavation currently valued over one million dollars, began October 30, 2003.

How is Brush Creek Mill funded?

Brush Creek Mill receives no tax money.  We are enirely self-supporting.  Major funding is derived from our larger events such as an annual Yard Sale, Mill River Days, V-J Day, Applefest, and others.  Additional year-round income comes from Gift Shop consignment sales commission, room rentals, class fees, memberships, and other monthly activities.  Continuing fund raisers include a Brick Campaign, cookbook sales, and a yearly quilt raffle.  Brush Creek Mill is operated entirely by volunteers.

Open Hours

 Thursday-Saturday 12-4