BRUSH CREEK WRITERS began to encourage conversation among writers of all interests and genres.  It has evolved into a twice monthly meting with an emphasis on prose and poetry.  Many members attend both meetings, though a few only attend the prose or poetry sessions.

Brush Creek Writers was established in 2007 by Katherine Stevens.  We meet monthly on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 2:00 at Brush Creek Mill, 121 South State Street, Hillman.  The second Thursday of each month has a focus of prose, and the fourth Thursday of each month has a focus of poetry. We have no dues or membership fees.  At each meeting there may be a prompt, there may be a lesson, there is always time for every member to share his/her writing. Our goal at Brush Creek Writers is to encourage writing of all kinds.  Our members vary from beginning writers to listeners to published poets and authors. We all have something to learn from each other.

We welcome writers of all ages, High School and up, of all genre inters and of all ability levels.

At a typical meeting:

Prose:  Second Thursday of the month.  Each writer is asked to read their reaction to the month’s prompt.  A writer may always pass.  After each writer in the group has had the opportunity to share their prompt response.  We go around the table again and each writer is asked to share something he/she brought-something she/he wrote or something another wrote.  If an author has a piece he/she wants critiqued by the group, I need to know in advance so copies may be made and time maybe allotted.

Poetry:  The fourth Thursday of the month, works much the same way.  This year, instead of  a prompt we study a poem by Bob Dylan each month and each writer’s reaction to it.  Then we share the poetry we brought.

We may also have a lesson at either of the meetings.  The choice is often based on discussions, or an article from Writer’s Digest or from  Poets and Writers.  Group members often bring in articles of interest, or send me articles with questions for discussion.

Brush Creek Writers also supports an annual Student Writing Contest, open to students from grades 7-12.  The rules change yearly and will be posted here in the future.  They are also mailed to libraries, newspapers, and schools in the fall.  Due dates are February 28th.  Ceremony in June. 

Our contest rules are now available for the 2019 North East Michigan Student Writing Contest, open to students grades 7-12.  Previous entrants are encouraged to enter again.  Rules have been mailed to Schools and Libraries in North Eastern Michigan.  Please contact us if your school or library was missed.

2018 Winning Stories